Real Estate broker
in Modena
Immobiliare Michelangelo has been working as a real estate broker for over 30 years, bringing professionalism, expertise, a dynamic approach and tailored advice to clients looking to buy, rent or sell property throughout the province of Modena. Our team is made up of diverse profiles to offer you comprehensive support at every step of the buying and selling process.
Highlight the value and potential of your property with our innovative design and promotion services.

Being a real estate broker today demands multiple skills in order to offer a tailored service with reach to the right audience across every channel. Immobiliare Michelangelo is always ahead of the latest developments and brings a well-diversified team of consultants, designers, architects, photographers, videomakers, home stagers and marketing specialists to achieve the objective: bringing together buyer and seller in a perfect match for their needs.

Sale, purchase
and rental of real estate
Search for the home that best meets your criteria with our property search module. You’re just a few steps away from finding the match for you and arranging a visit through us.
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Whether it’s an apartment, a family home or a luxury residence, every property has unexpressed potential. What is your ideal home?

The way we work makes us more than a plain real estate agency. We don’t stop at selecting available real estate in the market and mediating the dealings between buyers and sellers; we offer both parties tailored advice, beginning from the initial selection and assessment stage all the way to covering every administrative aspect concerning the agreement.

Clients looking for a home receive support in understanding the basic characteristics of the property, selecting options, assessing the pros, cons and real value, sustaining the negotiations, and handling all the contract-related paperwork and bureaucracy. Clients selling a home get personalized service that includes assessing the potential of the property, designing improvements where needed, and preparing and presenting the property via 3D renders, home staging, and professional videography and photography.