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Browse through our property listings to find a large selection of homes for sale in Modena. Simply filter your search by selecting the type of real estate: apartments, penthouses, single family homes, lofts, maisonettes, garages, rural homes, farmhouses, industrial buildings, stores, or building land. These are just some of the types of homes for sale or rent we offer.

We have homes for sale in Modena anywhere in the city. This includes the Old Town center, the Buon Pastore, Sant’Agnese, Zona Viali, Villaggio Zeta, and Viale Amendola areas, and the nearby hamlets of Portile, San Donnino and Albareto. That’s not all. Immobiliare Michelangelo also has opportunities across the flats and hills of the province of Modena, with listings in the most coveted locations, like Formigine, Casinalbo, Baggiovara, Castelvetro di Modena and Levizzano.

Buying a home in Modena with our exclusive selection

Apartments in Modena

For you who want to buy a home in Modena, we select prestigious properties and suitable solutions all over the province. We want to ensure anyone looking for a home in Modena gets a broad choice of alternatives from the various types of property. Our apartments for sale in Modena include one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom solutions as well as larger properties, including exclusive living in prestigious penthouse units, duplex apartments, or renovated rural home apartments. Every listed apartment in Modena and around the province has been handpicked to provide you only with solutions of real value.

Homes in Modena: independent solutions

If you're looking for an independent solution, we have single-family homes, duplex houses, townhouses, rural properties, farmhouses, estates, and even historically-significant stately homes now part of the cultural heritage.

Buying a home becomes a joyful experience when you have an expert by your side at all levels, from the right understanding of your living needs and budget, to discussing the properties you’re interested in, all the way to the dealings with sellers and the contract drafting and closing.

Selling a home in Modena: it’s easy with Michelangelo

With Immobiliare Michelangelo, selling a home in Modena will be just as effortless. We take care of every detail, the bureaucratic aspects, arranging buyer visits, handling all of the paperwork, and everything in between. Even if you have no experience in buying and selling real estate, it will be painless selling your home quickly and without wasting time thanks to our expertise.