on-target for your real estate negotiation

Real Estate broker

Assistance in buying, selling or renting residential or commercial property, including tailored advice to identify actual needs, selection of real estate options, arranging visits to the property, and handling dealings.

Technical consulting

Remodeling consulting in partnership with architects and specialized builders. Designing any changes to the real estate property with 3D renders and handling the remodeling paperwork, including appraisals, regularizations, registrations, and energy efficiency and compliance certifications.

Home staging & visual content

Preparing the property in partnership with home staging experts and producing professional photographs and videos to get the property noticed across the entire real estate market, from the most important portals to the top trade magazines. Photography and videography with drones and advanced equipment to produce high-quality content for online and offline media.

Real estate assessment and presentation

Appraisals, analyses and market studies conducted for each property in order to produce a perfectly tailored presentation for the target audience that includes detailed content on geolocation, market value and characteristics of the space.

Contract assistance

Support with all the administrative paperwork related to the sale, purchase or rental of residential or commercial property and with meeting the necessary contract law requirements.